Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

All in all, healthy, creamy and fresh veggies loaded treat, Hung Curd Sandwich or Dahi Sandwich is a must try for quick meals and breakfast. Here is how to make it.

Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

Sandwich is such a versatile dish, that can be offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I do make it for breakfast, but there are days when I pack it for lunch box or just make it for a light hearty dinner with a hot bowl of soup. 

And that’s the reason I love sandwiches. They are easy to make and tastes delicious.

From kids to adults, there is no one who doesn’t enjoy eating a delicious and wholesome sandwich.

Today, I am making one such sandwich that is a regular at home, VEGETABLE HUNG CURD SANDWICH.

Slices of bread, filled with the goodness of vegetables and hung curd, it is a very healthy sandwich that you can serve as a snack with your evening tea. 

The ingredients are easily available and it is so easy that even your kids can make it.

It’s actually a great activity for the kids to make their own sandwich.

So, keep your kids busy during weekends, and make this yummy Sandwich with them.

You can serve this Sandwich for breakfast with some healthy fresh juices such as – Homemade Fresh Pineapple Juice and Watermelon Ginger Juice.

What is Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich?

An easy and quick salad that has ingredients such as vegetables and hung curd.

For the veggies part, I have used carrot, onion, bell pepper, green chilli, fresh coriander and mixed it with hung curd.

This mixture is flavoured with salt, black pepper and red chilli flakes.

Don’t use the normal curd as it will leave water.

You can make hung curd at home, by hanging the normal curd in a muslin cloth for an hour or two, so that all the whey drips down. 


Bread – I have used White Milk Bread to make this Sandwich, but you can use any bread of your choice such as Brown Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Multigrain Bread or even a Sourdough Bread.

Vegetables – Fresh Carrots, Onions, Bell Peppers, Green Chillies and  Coriander Leaves are the vegetables added in this sandwich.

You can also add in Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes or any vegetable that you would like to add. 

Spices – To perk it up, add some red chilli flakes, black pepper powder and salt.

Sometimes, I even like to add some oregano and dry basil for extra flavour.

Hung Curd – You can either make it at home or use the store bought Greek yogurt. 


To make Curd Sandwich, all you need is fresh carrots, onions, bell peppers, hung curd, fresh bread slices and a motley of spices that’s about it.

In order keep it healthy, brush up a little olive oil and grill it up – there you go, a perfect meal is ready.

A nice mix of hung curd, veggies packed between bread and nicely grilled certainly created an ambrosial quick bite that is very hard to resist and that you would know for yourself once you try it.

Not only for your kiddos, even for yourself after a tiresome and demanding day, supper of this Sandwich can turn out to be a great stress buster and a welcomed treat for sure!

All in all, healthy, creamy and fresh veggies loaded treat, Vegetable Curd Sandwich is a must try for quick meals and breakfast.

For now, here’s me wishing you -“Bon Appetit!”

Curd and Cucumber Sandwich

You can make this sandwich by only adding grated cucumber to curd along with the spices.

Grate the cucumber and add salt in it. Leave aside for 1o minutes. The cucumber will leave water.

Squeeze the cucumber and add it in hung curd along with the other ingredients.

Now make sandwich using this filling.

Toasted Curd Sandwich

Sandwich the bread slices with curd filling as mentioned below.

Heat some oil in a pan.

Toast the sandwiches on low heat until crisp from both the sides.

You can use butter instead of oil if you wish to.

A tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves can be poured over the toasted sandwiches for added flavour.

Using sourdough bread instead of regular bread makes these sandwiches healthier and tastier.

You can grill the sandwiches in a griller too but that will give a different taste.

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Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

Step by Step Recipe

Mix hung curd, carrot, onion, bell pepper, green chilli, fresh coriander, salt, black pepper and red chilli flakes in a bowl.

Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

Keep a few leaves of lettuce on one bead slice.

Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

Keep 2-3 tbsp of stuffing mixture over the lettuce.

Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

Cover the filling with another bread slice and Brush the sandwiches with olive oil on both the sides. 

Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

Grill until crisp and golden brown.

Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

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