Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs

Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs


I’m new around here, so let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Sofi, Tilly’s new friend and Sarah’s new assistant. 

You’ll find me in the kitchen most days testing out recipes or chasing Tilly around the apartment. Usually both.

We’re going to get to know each other real soon, I PROMISE, but first we need to talk about these vegan chili cheese dogs.

Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs

I’ll start with a confession: I really don’t like football.  Give me a basketball, soccer, or hockey game and I’m all for it. But football is just not my thing.

No one said you have to enjoy football to enjoy a good Super Bowl party though.

Every year for the Super Bowl I go all out, becoming the biggest bandwagon fan in the name of fried chicken, nachos, and football shaped rice krispie treats. I’m not paying attention to the touchdowns–it’s all about the SNACKS.

This year I’ll be focusing on these VEGAN hot dogs.

Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs

So how exactly do you make a chili cheese dog (read: meat and cheese) vegan?

Easy peasy.

A lightly toasted pretzel bun, vegetable loaded chili, soy-based hot dog, and homemade cashew queso come together quickly to make this plant based hot dog. And let me just say: both Sarah and I LOVE meat. And we were huge fans.

The real star here is the ridiculously creamy cashew queso. Imagine queso, but dare I say…better!? This stuff is UNREAL.  I would put it on anything. Like really anything.

Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs

How do you make queso without cheese?

As a lactose intolerant girl who loves cheese, you best believe I’ve done my research on this.

The creamy dreamy texture comes from soaked cashews and the cheesy flavor is all thanks to nutritional yeast. I know, I know, how can yeast be cheesy? It sounds weird, but even Alex liked it. And his favorite food is pizza.

Nutritional yeast is known for its signature “cheesy” taste, not to mention the fact that it’s packed full of good for you stuff like B vitamins.

Combine that with the perfect blend of smoky spice and you’ve got yourself a damn good queso.

Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs

Vegans and meat-eaters, die-hard and fair weather fans–these are sure to please everyone this Super Bowl season. Wait until the Super Bowl or, better yet, serve ’em up this weekend with a cold beer and french fries.

Talk soon.



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