Triple Chocolate Brownies

If you love a good brownie, here’s one to add to your collection. I could try and invent them myself, but why when the recipe is a classic and already so darn good? Adapted from Hershey’s.

Triple Chocolate BrowniesSome people are cookie people. Like my dad, for example. We could be in any small town shopping and my dad can usually find a bakery where, before you know it, a cookie (typically with raisins) will be in hand. He’s definitely falls into the cookie people category. You know who you are. When you bake, you bake cookies. And you might be known for the cookies you make. I am not a cookie person – well, except for these and these and these. That’s at Christmas when everyone becomes a cookie person. But at heart….I’m a brownie person. And these triple chocolate brownies do the trick.

Side note: My dad is the best because he “shops” with me, my mom, and sister when we are together. And we are kind of experienced shoppers so that has necessitated a well-thought-out strategy for my dad. TBH, shopping for my dad entails finding a comfortable bench and pulling out whatever espionage book he’s currently engulfing—while engulfing said cookie. Or two.

Triple Chocolate BrowniesWHO INVENTED THE BROWNIE?

There’s isn’t a definitive source as to who invented the brownie. There are several women’s cookbooks back in the late 19th-century that contain brownie-type recipes. A more definitive reference points to the Palmer House Hotel here in Chicago (who also credits the Sears Roebuck Catalog also in Chicago) where Mrs. Bertha Palmer requested that a small bite dessert be created for her guests coming to Chitown for the Columbian Exposition of the 1893 World’s Fair. This brownie is still served at the hotel today and is a sweet confection built around dark chocolate, eggs, flour and sugar and a walnut topping glazed with apricot preserves. These sound amazing! Aren’t brownies the best thing ever? So many great recipes for them a girl just can’t get bored.

Triple Chocolate BrowniesWhy these Brownies Take the Cake

Brownies are easy because they typically mix up in one bowl and are baked in one pan. This recipe checks each of those boxes. And for me, someone who loves efficiency, that’s one sweet recipe. Because that means fewer dishes which means more time for episodes of Gilmore Girls. I’ve made this recipe for years where I found it on the back of my can of Hershey’s Cocoa. Don’t brush off recipes on the labels of the products you buy. I used to and have found through years of getting recipes from cooks more experienced than myself that many times the recipes they use are the ones they got from the “back of the box.” No shame in that game.

These brownies are unabashedly sweet. So they won’t be your first choice if you are watching your sugar. But they make a 9×13 pan worth so you don’t have to cut them large. Be sure to cut them large enough though because you will want to snag yourself a bite that has pieces of the semi-sweet and white chocolates in it. Well —because.



Bake in mini muffin pans but watch carefully. Or make a double batch in a jelly roll 11×15 pan and cut small.


These brownies freeze beautifully but beware – they taste pretty good frozen too!

Triple Chocolate Brownies

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