Soft Molasses Cookies

These soft and chewy Molasses Cookies are hands down my all time favorite Christmas Cookie!

Soft Molasses Cookies

These Molasses Cookies come from my mom – who I think got the recipe from my her mom and she probably got it from her mom. Who knows. Either way – these Molasses Cookies are perfection. The dough comes together quickly, chills in the fridge to harden it up, and then rolled into balls and coated in sugar before baking. The result is a perfectly soft and chewy molasses cookie that you’ll totally love!

Let’s talk in’s and outs of Molasses Cookies!

  • What does molasses do for cookies?

    • Molasses makes baked goods extra soft so these cookies stay chewy even longer!
  • What’s a good substitute for molasses? 

    • Some people might tell you that you can substitute other ingredients like Maple Syrup, Cane Syrup or Sorghum Syrup, but there really isn’t anything else that compares to the flavor of molasses. It’s carried at almost every grocery store so it’s easy to come by, and it keeps for years in the pantry!
  • How do you store molasses cookies?

    • My family has been storing them in the freezer since I was a kid. I’ll take out as many as I need an hour or so before I plan on eating them and let them come to room temp. This way they stay fresh even longer! You can also nuke them in the microwave for 10 seconds when they come out of the freezer to speed the process up
  • Should I use light or dark molasses?

    • For baking – always use dark molasses!

So whip up a double batch of these and store them in the freezer for the next few weeks while you’re prepping for the holidays! Grab a few when you’re sweet tooth strikes and warm them up a bit in the microwave just so you can pretend you’re eating a cooking fresh outta the oven. They are pure perfection – I promise!

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