Snowflake Sugar Cookies

These Snowflake Sugar cookies are delicious to eat and delightful to gift.
Use store bought, ready to roll fondant to make decorating easier. Let me show you how!
Snowflake Sugar Cookies
It’s Christmas Eve and the weather is gloomy! Our wet season has arrived early and tomorrow we may be separated from our family due to flooding. All the preparations are on hold at the moment. At times like this we should be grateful for what we have and know that even if we are not together with family, we are together in spirit.
This week my daughter and I decorated snowflake sugar cookies to be shared with family and friends. So I’m sharing them with you. It was my daughter’s first time using a piping bag and royal icing. Didn’t she do great work?

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

How to make Snowflake Sugar Cookies.

This is a basic recipe for Sugar Cookie dough which uses very simple ingredients.
  • butter
  • flour
  • egg
  • vanilla

Notice that there isn’t any rising agents like baking powder. Baking powder causes the cookies to rise and change shape. You don’t want your cookies to change shape because then the beautiful shapes you have cut will be lost. Air can also cause cookies to use so be careful not to overbeat the butter and sugar mixture. This would incorporate too much air causing the cookies to rise just like baking powder.

How to decorated these Sugar Cookies easily.

Most sugar cookies that are decorated with royal icing. To do this, you must first pipe royal icing around the edge of the cookies creating a wall. Then you will need a thinner royal icing to ‘flood’ or fill in the outlined shape. This needs a steady hand and LOTS of patience. I love baking but at Christmas time who has time for that palava?  Instead these sugar cookies were decorated with store bought fondant, coloured, rolled thinly and cut out with corresponding cookie cutters. Justuse a little corn syrup as glue to stick the fondant shapes to the cookies. Then it’s up to you – use some edible sparkle, drizzle or pipe with royal icing (egg white and confectioner’s sugar – here’s a recipe), press on some silver balls.

Tips for making this recipe successfully.

  • Don’t over mix otherwise you’ll incorporate too much air and the cookies will spread during baking, losing their shape.
  • Recipes commonly just wrap the whole ball of dough in clingwrap and then refrigerate it for an hour or overnight, but by rolling the dough between parchment, this shortens the chilling time and then it’s also been rolled out while still soft making it easier and quicker.
  • It’s very important you chill them again otherwise they’ll spread while baking.
  • Bake same sized cookies together otherwise mixing smaller with larger cookies could result in some cookies being baked before others are done.
  • Rotate baking sheets half way through baking if your oven bakes unevenly.

Can I make these cookies ahead?

Yes, you can make these cookies in advance. If wrapped in tinfoil/cling wrap or kept in airtight containers in a cool place, un-decorated cookies can last up to a month.

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

These Snowflake Sugar Cookies are sure to please whether you make them for gift giving or just to enjoy yourself.
Snowflake Sugar Cookies

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