Roasted Turkey Breast

Roasted Turkey Breast

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I know that roasting an entire turkey can be a little bit intimidating! This recipe and step by step video for roasting a turkey breast is the perfect fix for those nerves and makes the entire Thanksgiving day way easier and completely delicious!

There are a few things about this recipe that I am completely obsessed with:

1. Last year was the first year we ever used a brine on the turkey on Thanksgiving and let me tell you – it makes a WORLD of difference! The turkey was perfectly moist and juicy and it was all because of the brine. Making a brine is easy, as you’ll see in the video, and you can add all sorts of different spices or citrus… orange peels are an excellent addition!

2. The fresh rosemary, thyme and garlic make the perfect marriage in seasonings. They really bring out the great flavor of the turkey and so seriously so so so delicious with the must-have gravy too!

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