Red Goddess Deviled Eggs

These Red Goddess Deviled Eggs are naturally colored and a healthy, sweet n’ spicy twist on green goddess deviled eggs.  With a super-smooth, creamy filling of roasted red peppers, jalapeno and Greek yogurt, these deviled eggs are perfect for your next party, potluck or Easter celebration!Red Goddess Deviled Eggs

Hey party people!

So, we NEED to talk Easter.

Not only is it, like, .4 seconds away (fine, it’s 2 weeks and 6 days away, if your one of those people who likes to get technical with it), but ALSO I noticed some fellow bloggers started posting Easter recipes WEEEEEEEEEEEEKS ago.

Either they are serious overachievers and totally win at life, or I’m super late to the party.

Regardless, I’m nosy.  So it is absolutely ESSENTIAL you share your Easter deets.

How do you guys celebrate?

Do you guys have any family traditions??

Do you do the casual brunch thing?  Or, do you do the whole elegant dinner shebang, complete with fine china and real crystal drinkware?

Growing up we did an early Easter dinner, around 2-ish PM, at my grandmother’s house.

We had a plethora of appetizers, followed by a spiral ham, a smorgasbord of sides and no less than 2 pies for dessert.

It was kind of like an entire Easter EXPERIENCE, complete with egg hunts, sometimes a piñata, hollow chocolate bunnies, Easter baskets, too much candy, and quality family time.

It was preeeetty amazing, if you ask me.

With one minor (okay, MAJOR) exception…

Red Goddess Deviled Eggs Red Goddess Deviled Eggs

I hate (like, hate hate hate haaaaaaaate with a burning passion) ham.

Did you just fall out of your seat and curse my name in no less than 2 separate languages?

No worries.  I don’t take offense.

My deal with ham?  I seriously just don’t understand it.

The texture is weird.

It looks kinda funny.

And, frankly, any kind of meat that needs to be candy coated (read: shellacked in honey, maple or sugar) scares me.

You are definitely giving me the evil eye right about now, huh?  Weird, my husband looks at me the same way.

Anyways, my point is, you aren’t going to find any spiral ham here.

BUT, what you WILL find are some daaaaaaaaaaaa-YUM delicious deviled eggs.  Because deviled eggs are BOMB, and Easter just ISN’T complete without them.

You can peep here and here for some devilishly delicious eggs from the archives.

Red Goddess Deviled Eggs

Red Goddess Deviled Eggs

AKA Green Goddess’s way cooler cousin.  RED GODDESS.  Lovingly whipped, deviled and gloriously stuffed into hard boiled eggs.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with green goddess, let me give you the 411.  Typically, it’s a salad dressing, although I’ve seen it as a dip, sauce and even a smoothie.

Simply put, it is a usually a mixture of mayonnaise (or sour cream, or both), lemon juice, and green herbs (chervil, chives and tarragon).

It was SUPER popular in the 70’s and 80’s and while it is delish, it was BEGGING for an upgrade.

Enter Red Goddess.  A sassy mix of sweet and spice.

Healthy Greek yogurt blended with sweet roasted red bell pepper, spicy jalapeno, pungent shallot, tangy lemon juice and tart apple cider vinegar.

Red goddess mingled with eggs?

Pure Perfection.

These deviled eggs are savory, sweet, smoky and slightly spicy.  Basically they are EVERYTHING you absolutely need in your life, especially if your life involves an Easter celebration.

Red Goddess Deviled EggsRed Goddess Deviled Eggs

How to Make It:

I didn’t do anything groundbreaking here, folks.  You basically make these deviled eggs just like you would ANY ‘ole deviled egg-

You boil some eggs.

You slice them to remove the yolk.

You puree the yolks with some roasted red bell pepper, jalapeno, shallot, vinegar, and lemon juice.

You stuff the yolk mixture back into the hard-boiled egg whites.

You call it a day.

It’s not brain surgery.

However, there is one major caveat… do you want to be predictable?  Or, do you dare to stand out from the crowd?

If you want to go the traditional route, simply follow all those instructions up there ⬆️ and just make sure you cut your deviled eggs in half HORIZONTALLY.  (duh)

If you are feeling fancy-free and looking to WOW, standing deviled eggs are where it’s at.  They are almost just as easy as traditional deviled eggs, but instead of slicing the hard-boiled eggs once, in half, you will slice them twice.  Once to take a small sliver off the bottom of the egg so they will stand up.  And again at the top, to take off the top 1/3rd where the filling will go.

But I will be honest, (for standing deviled eggs) finagling the yolk out of the hard-boiled egg is slightly more tedious.  I suggest you use the kid-glove treatment and a melon baller, or super small spoon.  You won’t get the yolk out in one piece, but that doesn’t matter since you are going to be pulverizing it into a filling anyways.

Red Goddess Deviled EggsRed Goddess Deviled EggsRecipe Notes:

  1. If you aren’t sure how to make hard-boiled eggs, I’ve included instructions for a fail-proof way in the notes section of the recipe.
  2. Eggs that are older, at least 7 days or up to 12 days old, are MUCH easier to peel.  If you buy fresh eggs, hard boil them and then try to peel them, they are going to be a complete pain.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  3. The recipe utilizes roasted red bell peppers.  You can buy jarred roasted peppers, or you can roast your own (I included instructions for how to do so in the notes section of the recipe below).  Regardless, make sure you THOROUGHLY drain, and pat, them completely dry.  If they are watery, they will make the filling thin and loose.
  4. If you didn’t heed my advice above in note #3, have no fear.  If your filling looks thin and slightly watery, simply add a hard-boiled egg (white, yolk, or both) to the processor with the filling, and process until smooth.  If you made standing deviled eggs, use the egg white scraps to thicken the filling.
  5. Make sure you season the filling GENEROUSLY.  Eggs like salt.  I used a ¼ teaspoon kosher salt and 5 grinds of fresh black pepper.

Red Goddess Deviled Eggs

Put down the mayonnaise and give your classic deviled eggs a delicious, healthy twist with these Red Goddess Deviled Eggs.  Perfect for your next party, potluck, or Easter celebrations, these will definitely become a hit with your friends and family.

Until Thursday friends, cheers – to the incredible, edible egg.



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