#PillsburyBiscuits Grands Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There is not a more perfect sponsor for me to be working with than Pillsbury. When I had the chance to work with them, I was super pumped and excited! Why is it so perfect for me? My boys eat biscuits or crescent rolls  every single morning. That’s what they want and ask for. They even have crescent rolls for snack after school at least twice a week.

Now, two of my favorite things to make are pound cakes and biscuits. These two items are also two of the first things I ever started cooking mainly because I like to eat them so much!

Having said that, even if I do love to make biscuits, I simply don’t have time to run, get ready, get the boys up and ready, and make a homemade breakfast every morning! Trust me, you don’t want to be around me if I don’t run first thing! I can’t cut any of that out and I refuse to get up any earlier, so I rely on great products to get me through busy week day mornings and after school snack time.

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits provide a variety of family favorite recipes, ready in under 30 minutes, that are delicious and have a little twist to help parents keep dinner fun, not boring. I decided to do a twist on a regular grilled cheese and made #PillsburyBiscuits Grands Grilled Cheese Sandwich. They did not even take thirty minutes to make! They took about 10 minutes and the boys loved them!

#PillsburyBiscuits Grands Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Did you know that you can roll out a Pillsbury Grands! biscuit and cook it on the stove-top? Yep, and it’s really good.

  1. I love them hot with butter spread over them.
  2. Ryder loves to dip them in maple syrup.
  3. Or, if you prefer, cook them on the stove then turn them into grilled cheese! You’re children will think you’re a genius!

#PillsburyBiscuits Grands Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I used cheddar cheese on my sandwiches instead of the cheese slices. Another tip, turn your burner on low to medium low to cook the flattened biscuits. You don’t want it too hot or they’ll burn on the outside and not be cooked on the inside! Think pancake cooking temperature!

 #PillsburyBiscuits Grands Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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#PillsburyBiscuits Grands Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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