One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner Recipe

This is a super quick and easy recipe for One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner perfect for a Sunday family dinner. Needs only 9 ingredients and 30 minutes to cook. It’s Gluten-Free, Paleo and Whole 30 friendly.

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One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner Recipe

We’ve been having some cold rainy days, and in my books, cold rainy days call for this hearty One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner.

This recipe is an extremely simple one that came into existence one ordinary weekend when my mom decided to do some cooking – something that didn’t happen very often – which thinking back means it was actually a pretty extraordinary weekend.

Needless to say, we were so impressed with this dish she came up with, that it became a staple for rainy day dinners and lazy Sunday lunches.

One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner Recipe

How to make a One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner:

It’s such a simple recipe, that it’s hard to believe so much flavor exists in so few ingredients.

  1. Chicken,
  2. Zucchini,
  3. Carrot,
  4. Mushrooms,
  5. Onion,
  6. Baby potatoes.

I like to start off by heating up a LARGE pot, then adding all the chicken (skin side down).

One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner Recipe

Then, while it sears – I quickly chop all the veggies.

You really want the chicken to SEAR. You need to let them sear to the point just before they start burning – it’s such an important step for developing the delicious flavor of this chicken dinner.

When the chicken is seared and looks like mine in the photos, turn them all over to the other side and start tossing all the ingredients on top of the chicken.

Then add the aromatics, a handful of herbs and spices, hot water and bring it up to a boil.

One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner Recipe

Once it boils, you can turn down the heat slightly – it still needs to boil, but it doesn’t need to be extremely vigorous.

Lastly, put a lid on it and set a timer for 30 minutes.

When the 30 minutes is over, it’s time to feast.

One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner Recipe

I like to dish up the meal in a serving casserole. Put the chicken to one side and the veggies on the other side using a slotted spoon.

The juice that gets left behind I pour into a sauce server. If there’s too much liquid left, you can thicken it with some tapioca starch. I’ve never had to do it though, since it tends to reduce enough throughout the 30 minutes cooking.

One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner Recipe

Of course, if you prefer – you can add double the water to turn it into more of a stew or soup.

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One Pot Paleo Chicken Dinner How-To Video:

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