Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

These new Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos are an easy vegan and gluten free recipe which will surely impress every lunch or dinner table. Best bonus: it requires just 5 ingredients and 2 easy steps to make them.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

I have a big soft spot for Mexican inspired food and could eat that almost every day. Eventually, I end up having it at least several times during the week.

Rice is somehow often a part of it which is nice but I had always been looking for a twist.

That’s when I first discovered Cauliflower Rice. I tried a couple of recipes but I almost gave up on it: it came out so bland. So I had to create my own version, which was to me a day and night difference.

Absolutely mouthwatering and infused with many extremely satisfying and exciting flavors. That was the moment my Mexican Fiesta Cauliflower Rice was born.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

Since then I enjoyed a lot of Cauliflower rice recipes like my Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl, or the Cauliflower Rice Enchilada Casserole. Such great goodies, and full of good nutrients for you.

But the experience and excitement is not over here, friends. Enjoy more. Just use the search bar on the right and browse for cauliflower rice. You will get the full package this way.

You see and feel my love for this in infinite. It is not only full of flavor, it’s so easy and nutritious. I think you guys will all love these Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos.

They are pretty easy, satisfying, healthy, a time saver, done in no time, flavorful, mouthwatering, protein rich thanks to black beans, hearty, and seriously delicious.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

How to make Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

Are you ready? First prepare the Cauliflower rice according the directions in the recipe for the Mexican Fiesta Cauliflower Rice. Don’t forget to include the beans from the same recipe!

Next and last: fill the tacos. Start with beans or cauliflower rice, top with avocado slices and salsa. If you like, sprinkle some cilantro (optional).

Amazingly easy, right?

I came up with this idea for a planned potluck. The Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos are definitely a hit. The cauliflower rice and beans add a great texture, seriously. Plus it’s an excellent source of plant based protein. So whatever diet you follow: It’s for all of you!

Maybe you are planning to go diary free, or just want to incorporate some more veggies: guys, these are the way to go.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

These beauties make a satisfying lunch, dinner, or even appetizer. I can imagine it’s made for beach days. It’s portable and holds strong enough and wouldn’t fall apart for long chill out nights.

Think about the waves, water, and sun shine on a beautiful beach. That feeling, can you already feel the summer breeze?

Oh I think I need more beach days. But back to my potluck plans: what can I say these were a big hit. Even the pickiest meat eaters enjoyed them and asked for the recipe.

When that happens, you know you have a winner.

Yummy and full of health benefits

These showstoppers are not only delicious, they are full of amazing ingredients. Let’s start the fun journey with Cauliflower: high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber which is amazing for digestive health.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

Also, as I mentioned above, it’s a top source of antioxidants, which have many anti-inflammatory benefits thanks to the high amount of vitamin C. Your cells will be protected against free radicals.

But we’re not done here. Cauliflower’s also a good alternative to legumes and grains if you looking for an low carb alternative. It gives you many options in flavor and things to enjoy.

Think of pizza, hummus, tortillas or my favorite, addicting Mashed Cauliflower Green Bean Casserole.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

Let’s getting straight to the next star of the game: black beans. They lower bad cholesterol, are high in protein, antioxidants, and vitamins. Plus, they are so easy to get in every supermarket and are affordable.

Last but not least we have avocado. Who doesn’t love these? Yes, I could eat these almost everyday. Not only they are full of healthy fats, they are also big in potassium. Can you imagine avocados contain even more of it than bananas?

I could tell you many more of these benefits, but I think the best selling point is they’re simply delicious and such an amazing alternative for everyone. Not only vegans.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Tacos

As always I love seeing your creations with a picture.

Just give me a tag on Instagram or Facebook. Also I would love to hear your feedback on these.

Cheers, Florian.


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