Instant Pot Chicken Soup Recipe

This Instant Pot chicken soup recipe is perfect for the chilly evenings we’ve been having lately. It’s also great when you have a sick kid at home and don’t have a ton of time to cook because you’re too busy taking temperatures, doling out medication and making sure they stay warm under the covers.

Such was the case when I made this. Mini Chef came down with a really horrible flu. He was the sickest I’ve ever seen him. I even ended up taking him into the doctor because I could have sworn he had strep throat. Thankfully, he didn’t. But he was pretty darn sick, poor kid.

Instant Pot Chicken Soup Recipe

If you’re a parent who has cared for a sick child, you know what it’s like. They call you constantly to either complain about how awful they feel, or because they need something. It’s an around-the-clock job and I was exhausted by the time he started feeling better. I didn’t leave the house for the entire week and I was going pretty darn stir crazy because of it.

Thankfully, I got him feeling better by the end of the week with lots of love, medicine, blankets and of course, this soup. I mean, you NEED chicken soup when you’re sick, right? The two things kind of go hand in hand.

Instant Pot Chicken Soup Recipe

But I was so exhausted and short on time that I turned to my trusty Instant Pot. I used all the traditional ingredients except for noodles or rice. Instead of those, I used riced cauliflower to keep the carbs lower. We both enjoyed it immensely and Mini Chef’s poor, raw little throat was very grateful to have soft foods to swallow. And by the end of that week, I was super grateful for my Instant Pot!


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