Instant Pot Chicken Curry

This Instant Pot Chicken Curry is the perfect weeknight dinner for busy families! 5 minutes cooking time is all it takes to make this in your pressure cooker!

Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Instant Pot chicken curry is the quick and basically hands-free version of your classic stove-top chicken curry. I call it hands-free because there is not much happening after the Instant Pot lid is closed and everything is set.

The pot cooks it for you and if you follow the instructions your dinner will be ready without any effort!

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Instant Pot Chicken Curry

How to make Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Start off with cutting mushrooms, onion, zucchini, pineapple and pepper. Dice the chicken breasts as well. Once you have done this, turn on the Instant Pot.

We will saute the chicken pieces first so press the Saute button. Add a bit of oil and throw the chicken pieces in. Sautéing will take about 2-3 minutes. After this you just press the Cancel button and add the rest of the ingredients.

The order in which you put them in, does not matter. Just make sure to leave out the corn starch. That will be added to the pot at the very end of the cooking.

Instant Pot Chicken Curry

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to mix it so the seasonings are spread around evenly. Close the lid, set the vent to SEALING position and press MANUAL.

This Instant Pot chicken curry only needs 5 minutes to cook. It’s an easy to follow recipe and apart from setting your timer, you don’t really need to do much here.

By the way: When the meal is ready and you are not around, it will keep it warm until you manually cancel it. I love this function! It can keep your meals warm up to 10 hours!

Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Good to know when cooking in Instant Pot:

  • Instant Pot makes cooking easy and quick. However, note that the cooking time stated in the recipe does not include the time needed for the pressure cooker to build the pressure as well as the time needed to release it. This will vary on what you cook inside and how much you put inside.
  • Thanks to the “keep warm” function your chicken curry will stay warm for several hours. This means you can make it ahead, do shopping and when you return your dinner will be still piping hot! Isn’t it great?
  • If you are interested in buying this cool pressure cooker but would like to know more about it, check out these Instant Pot tips. I’ve learned a few interesting things when reading it.

Instant Pot Chicken Curry

What else should I know before making Instant Pot Chicken Curry?

  • I used less than 1 pound of chicken to make this instant pot chicken curry and added a lot of veggies. If you feel like you prefer more chicken then go ahead and do so. I suggest using roughly about 1 pound. You can reduce the amount of veggies or leave the same as I have in the recipe.
  • This recipe can feed somewhere between 4-6 people (there will be plenty of sauce).
  • Cut the veggies into larger chunks (especially peppers and zucchini as they turn way too mushy when cut into thin or tiny pieces).

Want to see how to make Instant Pot Chicken Curry? Watch the video!

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