Apple Potato Salad Recipe

This potato salad recipe has apples in the mix for a bit of sweetness and a lot of crunch. This recipe is sponsored by Jazz Apples. All thoughts are my own.

Did you know that potato salad isn’t only for summer BBQs? In fact, in Germany it’s popular to have potato salad (with sausages…yum!) on Christmas Eve.*

That may seem a bit strange. But ask yourself why it is that potato salad is so perfect for BBQs. It’s because potato salad is easy to make in large quantities, right? Large quantities that are full of deliciousness. So much deliciousness that I’d be happy to eat large quantities of it at every celebration, from summer to winter and all the months in between.

Apple Potato Salad Recipe
But if we’re going to eat potato salad all year long, I think it’s necessary that we revise the ingredients a little bit to make it a tiny bit healthier (but still celebratory, of course!).

When I think about lightening potato salad, I usually think about the mayonnaise. I end up opting for low-fat mayonnaise, less mayonnaise or no mayonnaise. But this time I was fixated on the carby potatoes. I thought that one way to make potato salad a bit healthier might be to put less potatoes in it. But what to add instead?

I decided to try adding apples. Why? One of the things I like to add to potato salad is celery. Celery and apples taste amazing together. I was  hoping that they would work here. I also added some cider vinegar to the dressing to tie that apple flavor in throughout.

Apple Potato Salad Recipe
The result? You’ve gotta try it! The apples add a little bit of sweetness and a lot of crunch. And they just plain work. So much so that I swear I’m going to put apples in all of my potato salads, all year long, from now on.

What kind of apple should you use in this potato salad recipe? I went with Jazz Apples and for a good reason: Jazz has partnered with the American and Canadian Diabetes Associations to help change lives in a meaningful way using their fun and easy Crunch to Contribute campaign. Crunch on a JAZZ apple, post a photo, and $1 will be donated to either the American or Canadian Diabetes Associations.

Me and My Jazz Apple for the Crunch to Contribute Campaign

While the growers of this tangy-sweet, summer-fresh treat are in New Zealand, they wanted their fruit to contribute toward a far-reaching diabetes prevention solution. High in fiber, JAZZ apples add crunch―and zingy flavor!―to virtually any recipe.

Find out more about Jazz apples here.

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Apple Potato Salad Recipe

And now, here’s my easy and healthy Apple Potato Salad recipe:

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Apple Potato Salad Recipe

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*The fact about potato salad being eaten on Christmas Eve in Germany is from Wikipedia.

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